Do It Yourself Garden Maintenance

Do It Yourself Garden Maintenance

Article by Kathryn Dawson

If gardening is a craft that you want to try your hand at, then you have come to the right place. However if you are searching for the best garden maintenance Bristol has to offer or Bristol garden maintenance centres, then look no further as everything you can possibly need, the team at andys garden services Bristol can surely provide.

The basics of gardening will be dependent on what kind of garden you plan to have or the one you presently have. This can be a flower garden, a vegetable garden or a Sunflower Lane. Though plants vary in terms of maintenance, the basics are almost always the same and can be altered to the specific type of plant you have.

Since every job needs specific tools, the following are common tools a beginning gardener might need and what they are used for. Pruners are scissor like tools for cutting and snipping away at branches, stems and weeds, can be used to harvest flowers, vegetable and fruit and can also be used to shape hedges. A weeder looks like a screw driver with a wider head. Garden shovels are something every individual in this world already knows but is an indispensable tool as this will be your constant digging companion. There are many types and sizes of shovels but for a beginner, choose one that feels right to you. Garden hoes are also used to remove weed in more shallow rooted plants. A garden rake looks like a fork with more tines fanned out and is used to gather leaves and debris. A cultivator looks like a large fork as well and can have anywhere from one to four prongs. They are also used to remove weeds. A wheelbarrow is another indispensable item that can carry whatever items you need to transport from one spot to another. A tool belt is similar to one a handy man or a hairdresser would wear around your waist. It helps in having all your tools with you without having to go back to the tool shed. It also helps keep your tools organized so you do not leave them around the garden and forgetting later on where you have put them. Garden gloves are purely optional. It is entirely up to you if you would like to use one. Now that you know your tools, it is high time to start planting.

The following are some planting tips you can take to heart. Remember to plant when it is cloudy or in the late afternoon. This helps prevent exposing you and your plant to extreme heat or weather change. Plants are also sensitive to temperature too, like you. Design your garden on a piece of paper first. Imagine planting in a symmetrical line only to find out that you had the spacing all wrong and do not have room for one more plant. Read the instructions when it comes to soil. Not all plants can be planted to all kinds of soil, some plants need more compost and some need less. It is best to follow instructions from the packaging. When removing plants from pots, never force the plant out by pull or yank the plant because this can damage the roots. Instead, loosen the plant around pot by giving it a few taps with a trowel, support your plant by cupping the roots and invert the pot. If it still would not come off, give it a few more taps to loosen it more or cut away on some of the roots. Lastly, make sure to water your new plant every so often and always check if it remains moist.

Now that you know the basics, you can be proud of you new found hobby while continuously learning your craft. If you are planning to have a larger garden though, it is best to consult with andys garden services Bristol as they can give you expert advice if what you want is feasible and they are the best people who can teach you Bristol garden maintenance to keep you garden in its glorious form. In the event that you need help in restoring a neglected garden, they are also the best team for garden maintenance bristol has to offer.

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