10 Tips for a Zero Waste Gardening

Hobby or profession, gardening is one great way to decorate your surroundings. Taking care of tender plants and watching them grow is treat for eyes as well as the soul. But gardening creates a lot of waste as well as inorganic compounds deteriorate the health of the plants. Yard waste clearance must be done so that the waste collection doesn’t undo the positive effects by gardening.

Organic Insecticide:

Plants getting infected by insects is a common issue while dealing with plants. Chemical insecticides are apparently effective but they are harmful for the gardeners, plants and the environment. Using organic counterparts are the best alternatives to the chemical poison. Bea castile soap with water is one great example of organic insecticides.


While purchasing irrigation tools or other gardening tools try to avoiding ones in plastic packages. Purchasing high quality items or ones available at local stores could help you avoid the plastic. One need not emphasize how critical avoiding plastic is.

Plastic Pots:

New saplings come in plastic pots. Return those plastic pots so that the rate of manufacturing these plastic pots is reduced.

Use Experts:

In order to really maintain a clean yard, experts advice must be sought and implemented on. The expert’s advice depends on the your scenario and hence more targeted and effective.


Composting is a boon to mankind. The yard waste collected could be composted and reused or sold. This is the best option available at hand.


It is any material such as decaying leaves, compost or bark that can be used to bring nourishment back into the soil. The best part is to grow your own mulch. This could be easily done if you have a pine tree.

Use Bags:

Reusable bags must be used if purchasing mulch or carrying other organic products. This bags are both easily disposable, decomposable and reusable. All good things at one place.


The urine being Nitrogen and Phosphorous rich, proves to be a great fertilizer for them. Care must be taken that the urine is absolutely fresh.


Harvest your own dinner. This is ecologically and economically efficient.


Upcycling is one of the most innovative ways of yard waste clearance. Instead of purchasing plant markers or seedling pots one could upcycle their newspaper, cardboard or lolly sticks.

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